From Legal Practices to Proceedings

Handling legal matters is highly involved. The added layer of a language barrier can make preparing and executing proceedings very complex and challenging.

La Fuente Communications brings you a full menu of translation and interpretation services and resources to assist you in preparing for motion filings to trials. Whether it’s providing court or judicial transcriptions of filed documents, our linguists are experienced and have an in-depth understanding of the legal system to ensure that your documents are accurate, complete, and delivered on time. We understand that accuracy in this arena is vital as any miscommunication can have devastating consequences for all parties involved.

La Fuente Communications’ legal interpreters provide simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation support to the legal and judicial community. Legal interpreters must be qualified and/or certified by the state or federal court system. They must pass comprehensive and rigorous testing to ensure they are fully knowledgeable and linguistically skilled to support a wide variety of legal and judicial matters and proceedings.

A man translates legal jargon from one language to another.

Our Services

We carefully review each legal interpreter’s qualifications, certifications, and level of experience to ensure that we are placing the legal interpreter in the most appropriate setting.

Our legal interpretation service helps with the following matters: