Translation Services

When people-to-people communication is done through the written word, it is vital to make every word count. We are here to ensure the nuances of your message are conveyed as if you were seen and heard. Our goals are to assist you in building relationships and strengthening your brand everywhere you do business.

Our translation solutions are much more than just taking words from one language (source) and putting them into another language (target). They are about communicating the meaning, essence, tone, and intent of your message in another language.

Translation requires superior skills, depth of experience, and subject matter expertise to convey your message accurately and concisely, the way you envisioned. In addition to being native speakers and English dominant, our linguists hold at least one or more advanced degrees in their area of subject matter expertise, have extensive industry experience and are certified, through rigorous assessment and testing, by national and international professional organizations.

With our team of expert linguists, we can translate a spectrum of documents, from the simple and short to the comprehensive and complex. We ensure that all of our clients’ projects are in exceptional hands that will deliver to our quality standards.

A man translates text from one language to another.

Even the simplest products have a written short instruction brochure or quick start guide to ensure customers utilize the product safely, enjoy, and realize their benefit. Translating them into various languages opens up doors for sales opportunities. We support product manuals, service manuals and more.

Handbooks provide vital information to your mono and multilingual employees. Instructions, explanation of policies and procedures, benefits, and other important human capital information are included to ensure your team members know they are valued, fully informed and that they understand the company’s goals and expectations. 

Making sure your handbook is available in your employee’s language bridges the communication gap, reduces, and mitigates risks, motivates employee engagement, and promotes an inclusive company culture.

Our worldwide network of certified and subject matter expert linguists enables us to provide our clients with legal, medical, business and educational technical translation. We support translation for contracts, legal proceedings, legal and medical transcription, medical lab and discharge instructions, business trade and commerce forms and contracts and catalogues, datasheets, e-learning modules, webinars, and more.

Having the pulse of the culture, understanding the nuance of the language and on-the-ground market intelligence are vital to solidify the success of your brand in the international marketplace. Corporate communications and other marketing assets are reviewed to determine whether localization or transcreation is right for your project. We ensure that the translation focuses on the concept and intended meaning to convey your unique brand and firmly position it in the global marketplace.

We all have heard of “lost in translation” snafus and have seen other embarrassing errors. Our linguists are selected for their subject matter experience, cultural background and experience to match the requirements of the project, thereby avoiding costly and risky mistakes that can adversely impact your brand.

We offer translation services for a variety of industries, including education and e-learning, healthcare, legal, business and finance, and more.