Education and e-Learning

Learning in All Languages

La Fuente Communication has proudly been serving the education sector for over 15 years. During this time, we have seen the power of language accessibility and the impact on English language learners’ (ELL) ability to learn, become motivated, engaged, and included in the learning process.

We are keenly aware of the many demands placed upon districts that are offering Pre-K to 12th grade, from maintaining daily communication with staff, parents, students, and the community to ensuring that all students have they necessary resources to advance learning. Many of our education sector clients have over 75 languages represented in one district. Managing the flow of communication in multiple languages is a feat all on its own.

During our 15 years of supporting our education sector clients, we have had the pleasure of being part of many academic ceremonies, athletic celebrations, parent-teacher conferences and many other events. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing parents, particularly parents of (ELL) students, who rely on our interpreting and translation language services, be fully engaged, and see the pride in their eyes for their students’ accomplishments.

We are here to support our education sector clients with a full menu of language services, including interpretation, translation, e-learning and multi-media services to ensure that learning takes place in all languages.

A school child learns on an online Zoom classroom.
A family sits with a teacher and their child as they look over a report.

Parent Engagement is Vital to Learning

For limited-English parents and their ELL students, communicating in their own language is vital to student academic success. Keeping the flow of multilingual communication is no small feat when a district is supporting over 75 different languages represented in the student body. Research and districts indicate that when parents are engaged in student learning, students’ academic progress increases.

Districts are deeply vested in ensuring the parents are well informed and have access to the necessary learning tools and information to keep their students thriving. Our education clients rely on us to support their continuous and on-demand multilingual communication needs. They know they can count on us to meet their urgent needs and deliver on time and without compromising quality. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and well versed in the cultural nuances and varied dialects of the communities we serve. Districts trust us to deliver their message and information accurately and in a culturally competent manner.

Solutions for Student Success

La Fuente Communications’ solutions support educators in closing the academic gaps that result from language barriers. Our extensive knowledge of how districts function at the administrative and education-delivery levels enables us to be very responsive to the needs of our educational clients. We have built an extensive database of documents, forms, learning tools, reports, policies, and much more that bring significant efficiencies to our education partners.

La Fuente Communications has built a team of expert linguists who are equipped with the knowledge to support blended learning solutions for K-12 and higher education.


We provide interpreting services, including both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters, for the following district and parent engagement settings:

  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Academic/Athletic celebrations
  • Graduations
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plans) evaluation and assessment
  • Disciplinary and reinstatement hearings

We provide interpreting services, including both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters, for the following district and community communication settings:

  • Open meetings and events
  • Press conferences
  • Board of education governances
  • District/community meetings
    • Finance
    • Policy
    • Advisory councils
    • Academic achievement

We offer translations of:

  • Early learning evaluation and program registration sessions and materials
  • Registration and academic forms and communication
  • Lesson plans
  • IEP evaluation reports
  • Student handbooks
  • District/parent communication letters
  • Academic program informational materials
  • Registration forms
  • Medical and permission forms
  • Online surveys
  • Emergency and inclement weather robocalls
  • Press releases and alerts
  • Much more

We offer translations and interpretations of:

  • ELL parent engagement training (multiple languages)
  • Parent/community surveys
  • Community focus groups
  • Community listening sessions
  • Parent resources
  • Distanced learning parental support
  • Much more

We Provide Interpreting Services for