American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL Access to Every Opportunity

La Fuente Communications believes in the language of inclusion and that all forms of communication must be exercised to provide every opportunity for individuals in the deafblind community to enjoy their personal and professional aspirations.

Our ASL interpreters recognize the unique cultural dynamics of this community and understand that in addition to being highly qualified, expertly skilled, with certifications/endorsements, their ability to make individuals comfortable and establish authentic rapport is at the heart of signed communication.

La Fuente Communications understand the highly regulated nature of this service. ASL interpreters have specialties with corresponding certifications and/or endorsements. Therefore we ONLY place experienced ASL interpreters in the appropriate settings, ensuring that communication will be accurate and all will truly benefit from a quality communication experience.

A man and woman hold a conversation in American Sign Language (ASL).

Who We Provide ASL Services to