Treating with Care

Access to quality healthcare for everyone is a critical part of the vitality of all communities. Ensuring that limited English proficiency (LEP) populations do not continue to be disproportionately impacted in receiving healthcare due to low literacy is a priority for La Fuente Communications.

We understand that low health literacy, resulting in poorer health, comes due to less-than-optimal patient care. This sets into motion a domino effect that creates higher hospital readmissions, higher healthcare costs and further compounds the social determinants of health.

La Fuente Communications partners with hospital systems, private and specialty medical practices, mental health, social service agencies, and home healthcare organizations to assist them in providing access to healthcare with a full range of language services. 

An elderly woman converses with her doctor with the help of an interpreter.

Our Services

La Fuente Communications can be your on-call or dedicated interpreter staff. Our network of qualified, certified (CCHI) and experienced healthcare interpreters can help medical professionals bridge language barriers with patients without interruption.

Our team offers intercultural communication services like:

  • In-person
  • Over the Phone (OPI)
  • Video remote interpretation (VRI)
  • Lab test instructions
  • Discharge instructions
  • Way-finding signage
  • Medical informational materials
  • Public health announcements
  • Medical referral instructions

We offer voice over and subtitling media services for:

  • Medical education training videos
  • Medical informational instruction videos (i.e., Infection Prevention)
  • In-home care instructional videos (i.e., proper wound care)