Interpretation Services

An effortless, accurate and comfortable conversation is essential to a successful interpretation session. La Fuente Communications’ interpreters are the vital link to provide our clients with the immediate ability to connect and communicate confidently beyond language barriers. They are highly-skilled, effective, and above all, personable communicators.

Our interpreters are native speakers in their primary language and are English dominant, ensuring effectiveness in each language combination. La Fuente Communications’ interpreters are highly skilled and qualified to support a wide breadth of interpreting sessions. Our certified medical and legal interpreters support the legal and medical profession and associated industries. Selecting the most appropriate interpreter for the requirements of the engagement is our top priority to ensure a successful communication experience.

La Fuente has invested significantly in ensuring that interpreters have the proficiency, qualifications, and sector expertise to be a seamless link between clients and their audiences. Confidentiality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our interpreters, and they all are committed to our brand promise: excellence in customer service and performance to the established industry professional ethics and standards of practice.

A woman stands between two men as she interprets their conversation between languages.

Availability 365/24/7

Situations happen in any language. We are here to support them in over 250 languages with a full menu of interpreting solutions, day or night, in any time zone. With on-site “in-person,” ASL, remote over-the-phone (OPI), on-demand telephone, and video remote interpreting (VRI), we have the solution that best fits your consecutive or simultaneous interpreting needs. Our interpreters are well versed in the latest conferencing platforms to ensure connectivity to a cellular device, tablet, or computer.

Types of Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is a style of interpreting that creates a three-way loop of communication between the client, audience, and interpreter. It can be used in any setting and in any sector or industry. Consecutive interpreting is widely used for individualized settings wherein privacy and focused attention is a requirement of your session or meeting. Our consecutive interpreters are available to support any session in many market sectors.

Consecutive interpreting can also be utilized with our remote and video conferencing solutions.

Simultaneous interpreting is used when conveying spoken information in real time is necessary to bridge communication within multilingual audiences. Simultaneous interpreting can also be utilized with our remote and video conferencing solutions. This technique is often used in the following settings:

  • Medical and healthcare
  • Legal and court proceedings
  • Press conferences
  • Educational meetings, conference, or symposiums
  • Business and international conferences
  • Social services
  • Community events

Interpretation Solutions

Our team offers a variety of both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation solutions, including:

Our interpreters are available upon request or for a scheduled session depending on your needs.

On-Site Interpretation

Interpreters are available to provide “in-person” interpretation to assist you with your “on-site” needs in venues where you serve your clients. We can provide any of our interpreting services to support consecutive and simultaneous requirements. Interpreters can be scheduled for day or evening appointments. We support a wide range of appointments, events, and venues in many sectors including:

  • Education
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Services
  • Private Professional Practices
  • Workers Compensation & Insurance

Communication in any form is vital to understanding and opportunity. La Fuente Communications’ ASL interpreter partners are highly skilled and require state and/or national certification and endorsement in particular service sectors. We are pleased to partner with our ASL interpreters, who hold the following credentials for the state of Michigan:

  • RID certification
  • Medical/mental health endorsement
  • K-12 educational endorsement

When you access one of our ASL interpreter partners, you will have the confidence that your session will be accurate and professionally delivered. 

Remote Interpretation

Our interpreters are available upon request for a scheduled session, depending on your needs. Remote, over-the-phone services provide the option for clients who simply need to reach their audience without the need for a video connection. Many clients utilize this option when they desire the same interpreter for their session or events to provide continuity for established or a series of appointments.

Don’t have time to schedule an appointment or have a last-minute meeting come up that requires an interpreter? No problem. Clients can access our on-demand telephone services by simply dialing a toll-free number. Clients have access to an interpreter in any world language within 60 seconds or less to bridge any of your on-demand communication needs at any time of day or night.

Face-to-face communication may be the best option for your session or meeting to ensure that your message is delivered in the most appropriate manner. In other words, this option is great when body language (tone, pace, visual connection) is critical to your conversation.

Clients have the option to schedule and interpreter for a video conference call using an open platform link, such as Zoom, Google Meets etc. However, when an open source is not available, La Fuente Communications, on a scheduled basis, provides our own video conference service to bridge any gaps in your communication needs.