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Cultural Intelligence Drives Global Business

Whether you are managing a team, holding an international sales meeting, conducting training for audiences in multiple time zones, or hosting international diplomats, communicating in a culturally intelligent manner is vital to your success.

Cultural intelligence is about first knowing ourselves and our own culture and understanding how we interact with others. Relationships are based on building respect and having an understanding of how other cultures relate and how they may conduct business differently. This understanding and the ability to find common ground to bridge cultures are what drive cultural intelligence and set the foundation for respectful communication and relationships.

At La Fuente Communications, we understand that communicating in multiple languages is no longer optional, but instead vital to achieving business results, whether you’re a small manufacturing business or a global company with a diverse employee base that is marketing your products internationally.  We collaborate with clients to first understand their needs and challenges and then formulate appropriate solutions to assist them in navigating the nuances of conducting business in various time zones and across multiple cultures.

Our mission is simple: bridge cultures and simplify communication worldwide. We do this by supporting our clients by increasing their cultural intelligence skills, increasing their knowledge of locales in which they do business and transforming their English documents into culturally relevant translations and adaptations of their communication and media assets. Our goal is to assist our clients in building long-lasting, respectful and inclusive business relationships.

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Our Services

In the business world, it’s essential for everyone to be able to communicate freely and with clarity. To help, we offer services in:

  • Interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • Interpretation for multiple platforms for video and remote access
  • Interpreting equipment, including headsets/transmitters and other tools needed to make communication in any language effortless
  • Printed marketing and sales materials
  • Sales, training, and product videos
  • Regulatory communications
  • Service agreements
  • Contracts
  • Product development
  • Research and whitepapers
  • Employment applications
  • Plan and benefit summaries
  • Company policies
  • Financial reports
  • Operational processes