Ana Ramirez-Saenz

President & Founder

From her first translation for a global client in 2003, Ana has been focused on creating a rich cultural experience through translation, interpretation, and multimedia services. Committed to driving excellence, she ensures La Fuente Communications’ linguists, web developers, graphic designers and media-savvy associates are committed to the company’s mission: bridging cultures and simplifying communication around the globe.

Early in her career, Ana understood what motivated and drove business results. For La Fuente Communications to continue to grow and succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, Ana recognized continuous improvement, new technologies, and forward-thinking strategies were vital to meet and exceed client expectations. Ana drives the company’s strategic vision and leads a team of more than 75 interpreter associates and over 20 expert linguist who have been a part of the team since 2003. She engages with a worldwide network of support linguists to augment demand and works with 15 strategic partners to meet clients’ most complex and demanding projects that engage audiences domestically and around the world.